Hailsham &


Windmill Hill &

Bodle Street

Gatwick - Car£  55£60
£  65£  85
Gatwick - Minibus£  75£80
£  90£ 135
Heathrow - Car£  87£91
£  97£ 117
Heathrow - Minibus£120£125
Stansted - Car£125£130
Stansted - Minibus£150£155
Luton - Car£140£145
Luton - Minibus£185£190
Ashford International - Car£  75£85
£  85£  90
Ashford International - Minibus£100£105
£ 105£115
Southampton - Car£100£105
Southampton - Minibus£130£135
London Central - Car£ 115£120
London Central - Minibus£155£130

Due to high demand on our Estate vehicles we are now charging an extra £5 in each direction.

Gatwick Airport have now enforced a drop and pick up charge for outside terminals. This will be added to the fare if you require this service. (Cost £5 for up to 5 minutes in the drop zone) If you require a free drop pick up we will drop you at the long term car park and you can use the shuttle coach to the terminal. 

Questions & Answers

My flight is early hours of the morning what will this cost?

Nothing extra what you see is what you pay.

I want you to meet us in the airport when we land what do you charge?

Unlike some meet & greet services we only charge the face value of the parking ticket.We watch the flights and come into the airport once luggage is in the hall. This way we can keep the charge to a minimum (currently £4 for half an hour at Gatwick & £4.50 at Heathrow)


There are certain days of the week where Heathrow timings are difficult due to the road conditions. We will always advise particularly on a Friday that if you leave Eastbourne after 12:00 that you may not arrive at your destination in time for your check in. Please consider this when booking.

​Due to the stringent restrictions at Heathrow we will only offer a meet and greet inside the terminal.

What happens if my return flight is delayed or cancelled?

We track all flights from the information you give us at the time of booking. We track the flights this way you can always be sure a driver will be there to meet you. If your flight is cancelled we would always make every effort to find out when you are likely to land however if we are not able to find this out it is always useful if you can make contact with us. It is easy to text us or email should your plans change.

Taxis to London central do not include congestion charges which currently (May 2021) is £15

There is also now a ULEZ charge in London which is currently (May 2021)  £12.50

Airport Transfers to Luton and Stansted do not include the Dartford Crossing charges or parking

Parking charges are always kept to a minimum. Meet & greet service is only charged at the face value of the ticket. Southampton docks if parking is required is currently charged at £5.(subject to dock of disembarkation)